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Attendance Policies and Procedures
Tardies— Prompt attendance at school is a requisite for good citizenship, responsibility, and academic achievement. A child who is tardy must report directly to the office to check in and receive a tardy slip before being admitted to class. Tardy students will be expected to walk themselves to class WITHOUT a parent/guardian escort.
Absences — All persons between the ages of 6 and 16 years of age are required by law to attend school regularly. If your child is absent from school, be sure to call the office to inform them of the reason and length of absence then send a written note upon your child's return. In some instances, the school may require a note from a physician.
Sample note for absence:
My child, (include first and last name), was absent from school on xx/xx/xxxx because s/he had a fever. (Please state reason instead of simply writing that the child was sick. Please do not forget to sign the note.)